Perfecting Ourselves: Coordinating Body, Mind & Spirit

Take the Steps towards Attaining Perfection

perfecting-ourselvesCan we achieve perfection? While true perfection is fleeting, we often achieve a moment of perfection - a state of mind that is just right, a time when we are fully attuned to the needs of our body, mind and spirit. It is the potential for achieving this type of integration that Perfecting Ourselves: Coordinating Body, Mind and Spirit taps into.

Author Aaron Hoopes explores the basic threads of the self, body, mind and spirit and demonstrates simple methods of integrating the three through breathing exercises, meditation, focused quietism and conscious living.

He considers how we can become more fully aware of the body by examining destructive behaviors through their effects and suggests ways you can counter them. Learn how deep breathing exercises and conscious awareness of the breath constitute a major pathway to physical health and well-being. Take a look at the mind and discover how we can gain more control over our thoughts and feelings. In particular, he focuses on "Quietism" an approach that includes exercises for calming the mind and gaining clarity of thought. Finally, he discusses the spirit, which manifests itself when we have integrated a healthy, connected body with a calm, clear mind.

When integration occurs, every moment of life becomes "perfect". We can live in balance with our self and the world around us. Through breathing and quietism, the quality of life improves. We get sick less often and recover faster. Things that bothered us before become insignificant. Feelings of well-being invade us, and we feel ready to tackle any task or obstacle in our path. Follow along as Aaron leads you through simple exercises that will help you:

Develop healthy habits one step at a time

Holistically heal and strengthen your body

Reduce tension and stress through mindful breathing

Increase your connection between mind and body

Get in touch with your "Universal Mind"

Discover the joys of Quietism

Achieve internal balance

Become closer to true perfection through an intense understanding of your mind, body and spirit and not only become a better martial artist, but a better person.