History of Audiobooks in MP3 format

AudiobooksBooks - a fount of knowledge of people. All the works of scientists of all time were recorded in the books and passed to other generations. Every country have a national library, which collected all sorts of books - information from the most primitive to the most sophisticated scientific work of scientists. Electronic books, or books in electronic form began to appear almost immediately after the wide usage of computers. Such books have several advantages over paper-based counterparts. Probably the most important of these is to save them without being exposed time. My article is not just about books, but their sound analogue - audiobooks. Let us look at this question: "When it began - The history of audio books?" . History of audiobooks originates in the U.S. in 1931. Then the U.S. Congress has been developed and approved a program for the blind. The exact name of the program: "Books for the Blind." In this program one of the items included the creation of audiobooks, and free distribution of among visually impaired people.

As was decided at the congress since 1932 in the United States began to produce the first audiobook. Of course, these audio books were distributed free of charge. Worth mentioning that the program continues to operate to this day.
 The beginning of commercial audiobooks put Dylan Thomas, who in 1952 recorded on tape his audiobook "Child Christmas in Wales". This book has not received too much spread, but the beginning has already been laid.
Gradually, audiobooks have improved. Special widely audiobook of taxi drivers, truckers and others who performed considerable time to travel. Was issued a great number of audiobooks.
Starting in 1979, audiobook climbed one more rung up. Then, to record audio books were first brought professional actors. Of course this move has attracted new fans to audiobooks.
Audiobooks continue to gain popularity, and now they have become popular in all countries. Most popular audiobook format is MP3. There are some software to record voice in MP3 format using microphone and computer. And there are a lot of audio player software to play books directly from MP3 file.

The advantages of computer MP3 format audiobooks. Any audiobook - a kind of theater at the microphone, audio performance, acted out in front of your inner eye. The publication is presented in the form of audio books has several advantages over the printed version. Foremost among them is the special, a deeper perception of additional content, which apply in the traditional book simply impossible. Musical accompaniment, sounds, background sounds on the recordings, the intonation of characters, diction - all this creates vivid images in the mind and enhances depth of book perception.

Now audiobooks can be played on any portable devices like mobile phones, PDA, smartphones, MP3 players, PSP, iPod or on iPhone without converter software.