The Biggest Book Is Not For Guinness

book, dog Modern culture is fully reflecting the development of society, it's moods and most popular trends. Thanks to the development of informational technologies, to the emergence of the new means of communication, people have received a lot of new opportunities. And, paradoxically, have lost much as well. Thus, the emergence of a new technologies of communication has reduced the living human contact to a minimum, technical innovations do not contribute to the conservation of resources, in the opposite - they provoke the rapid consumption. The same is true about the culture - a lot of room for creativity suddenly led to the decline and the reluctance of people to consume anything different from the popular culture.

Modern people almost do not read books and by now it is not considered already as a disgrace, but only as a sign of time, which does not allow a person to stop and find the time to dive into the world of literature. Therefore, the authors and publishers are trying to do everything possible to attract readers to the new and classic works, to popularize reading among people.

Every year in the fortress of Moreau de La CabaƱa in Havana there is organized the International Book Fair, which pleases the visitors every year with it's interesting and original exhibits. The exhibition itself is rather modest - there are no upscale buffets, and visitors do not arrive in the limousines. But here are exhibited many rare books and everyone can feel the very special atmosphere impregnated with the culture of peoples from all over the world.

This year at the exhibition was presented the biggest book on the planet. According to the Peruvian responsible for the exhibition, Luis Alberto Mass, the book has a size of 3.8 meters by 3.5 meters and is a kind of universal collection of aphorisms, written by the authors from all over the world. At 153 pages of the publication there are presented the sayings of religious leaders and philosophers, writers and educators, among whom can be found: Benjamin Franklin, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mahatma Gandhi, Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and many others.

The book was created by Peruvian publishing house called "Little Book". Prior to the biggest book, at this exhibition publishers were representing books of a small format, that were constantly surprising and delighting visitors with their originality, uniqueness, and miniature size. For many years, the Peruvian stand with the smallest books is very popular among visitors.

Publishing house "Little Book" was created in 1970 in Peru. To the present day by this firm there were published more than 270 books, that are mostly dedicated to the theme of world culture, the texts were translated into English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. According to the Peruvian publishing house, the biggest book had to be shown for the very first time exactly in Cuba, because the exhibition attracted a huge number of readers and admirers of literature from all over the world by the variety of different rare books and exclusivity. The Peruvian publishing house has a lot of respect for the Cuban people because they are organizing such a great event in the world of literature, sharing their interest in the international culture. That's why the biggest book in the world was to be presented exactly at the International Book Fair in Havana.

According to the representatives of the publishing house, the book was not created in order to get into the Guinness Book of Records, or to achieve other business goals. The only goal of this edition was to attract as many visitors as possible to the promotion of literature and reading.